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Swa-"My" Aahar-"Food"

We are Swahara (Sanskrit term formed from two words 1. SWA- “MY”, 2. AAHAR-“FOOD”)

Swahara promotes food mindfulness through whole-person integrative wellbeing programme for individuals and groups. We conduct a wide range of cooking workshops and information sessions on food and nutrition topics by combining food and nutrition science and ancient wisdom from traditional food practices.

We provide food & nutritional education through Workshop Sessions
Empowering people to make right food choices.



SWAHARA | Food Mindfulness



SWAHARA | Food Mindfulness



SWAHARA | Food Mindfulness



SWAHARA | Food Mindfulness

Our Services

Food Mindfulness Workshop

We organise food mindfulness cooking workshops for individual’s and groups, where participants learn about food knowledge, cooking skills and healthy living.Through our information sessions, we empower individuals and groups with knowledge of food’s biological, psychological, spiritual and social nutrition which helps them to make right food choices.

Team Building Activity

We organise team building activity around cooking activity to promote team bonding and encourage healthy living. Through our information sessions, we provide an effective method of engaging team members in meaningful, practical nutrition education that can facilitate healthy nutrition changes.

Employee Wellbeing Programme

We offer wellbeing programmes to corporates by providing information sessions on important and current health topics related to healthy diet, nutrition, wellbeing. The session helps employees to understand wellbeing from holistic perspective and answers their queries.Individual employees will get benefits when they attend our sessions.


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